We have the privilege of organizing many national and international seminars to our credit. Many dignitaries and intellectuals have attended and contributed papers during the course of different seminars. Just to name a few, Prof A.L. Basham, Prof. Hermann Kulke,  Dr. Kapila Vatsvayan, Mr. Ananda Kausalayan, Dr. W. Handke, Dr. K.R. Norman, Dr. S.R.Das, Prof. Satyawati Sulleiman, Prof. Lewis, Mr. James Beverige, Dr. D. C. Sircar, Dr. Heinzmode , Miss. A. Eschmann etc., have attended and contributed their papers in different Seminars.

International Seminars

International Seminars

International Seminars:

The organization has organized 10 International Seminars and published number of books consisting of papers published in the Seminars. One of the books is Buddhism & Jainism, has now been included in the publications by the Pali Society of Oxford University, edited by Dr.K.R. Normann. The name of the Seminars are as follows:
  • Buddhism & Jainism
  • Folk Culture
  • Societies in Transition : Alternative for the Future
  • Gandhi & Modern Times
  • Comparative Religion & Challenges of the Present
  • Environment & 21st Century
  • Tribal Culture in a Changing World
  • Rethinking Indian Culture Challenges & Responses
  • Celebration of the Cuttack City Millennium
  • Issues of Population Stabilization and Development

National Seminars:

Many National Seminars have been organized on Education, Mangroves, Environment, Culture, Human Rights etc. , in which eminent people of the subject have participated and contributed their thoughts.

State Level Seminar

Our organization has organized State Level Seminars like “Girl Child” and “Need for Awareness for Investment in Securities Market”. The Book on “Girl Child” has been acclaimed for intensive work by the authors and it is used by Women & Child Development, Government of Odisha, as a guide book for their officers.

Seminar on Pragmatism, Spirituality & Social Theorizing

On19th March, 2017 we organized a seminar on Pragmatism, Spirituality and Social Theorizing: Confucianism, Vedanta and the Contemporary Challenges of Planetary Conversations in Collaboration with Prof. Ananta Kumar Giri of Madras Institute of Development Studies.