Our Publications

Our Publications

The Council of Cultural Growth & Cultural Relations (CCGR), “The Universe”, has published the following Books and Reference Books in the past few years, some of which are internationally appreciated for qualitative work. They are as follows:


  • Buddhism & Jainism (compilation of 99 papers written by eminent scholars of different Countries in an International Seminar held in 1976)
  • Folk Culture (Five volumes with the Papers presented at the International Seminar in 1978)
  • Societies in Transition : Alternative for the Future (Papers presented in an International Seminar in 1981)
  • Gandhi and Modern Times (Papers presented at the International Seminar in 1982)
  • Comparative Religion : Challenges of the Present (Papers presented in International Seminar In 1984)
  • Environment and 21st Century (Compilation of papers presented in the International Seminar in 1986)
  • Folk lore of Mankind (Vol.-1) Compilation of papers written by eminent scholars of different countries)
  • Indo-German Cultural Relations
  • German Thinkers and India
  • What is wrong with our Education – Search for an Alternative (State Seminar) Cuttack One Thousand Years (Vol.-1, Vol.-2) (Papers presented in the Seminar in 1990)
  • Cultural Heritage of Orissa (Compilation of papers, Edited by Dr. H.C. Das in 1993)
  • Indigenous Knowledge on Forests (1995)
  • Gandhi Marches on
  • Rebirth of Orissa (Written by Dr. M. P. Dash)
  • Rethinking Indian Culture : Challenges & Responses (Papers presented in the International Conference in 1999.
  • Population Stabilization and Development (Papers presented in the International Conference in 2002)


  • Bharataru Chin (Written by Prof. Chittaranjan Das)
  • Bhinna Jane Vivekananda (Written by Prof. Chittaranjan Das)
  • Ho-Chi-Min (Written by Smt. Saila Behera)
  • Nabakrushna Choudhury –Eka Jeevani (Written by Prof. Chittaranjan Das)
  • Rajanitira Bharata (Edited by Prof. Chittaranjan Das)
  • Sraddhanajali (Part-1,2,3,4,5 & 6) (By Sri Girija Bhusan Pattnaik)
  • Swadhinata  Para Odissa (Edited by Dr. Debakanta Mishra)
  • Brikshalatara Ousadhiya Guna (Volume-1 & II by Dr. Mrs. Kamala Kumari Patnaik 1995)
  • Nisanga Pathika (By Dr. Bansidhar Sahoo)
  • Gangadhar Meher (Compilation)
  • Katak Nagar-Bauna Bazar Tepan Gali (Written by Dr. Josobanta Narayan Dhar)
  • Jeebanara Bate Ghate (Jeebanar Janapathare Auto Biography of Sri Girija Bhusan Pattnaik)
  • Dharmaru Urhare (By Dr. Dhaneswar Sahoo)
  • Jeebanara Patha Prantare (by Sri Girija Bhusan Pattnaik)
  • Jeeba Smrutiru Khie (by Sri Girija Bhusan Pattnaik)
  • Ukhura Smruti (by Sri Girija Bhusan Pattnaik