Research and Publication

Creating and recreating environmental awareness and working on environmental issues in the broader perspective of mankind, is one of the major objectives of the CCGR. It has taken up a research programme on traditional management systems and environmental perception of tribal and non-tribal village communities of Orissa, running under the project banner – Man & Forest. It emphasizes upon the study of Man’s multifaceted relationship with the forest over the ages. The study covers man’s ethical, ethnic, social, cultural, economic and philosophical aspects of relationship with the vegetation and forest. The study emphasizes upon the traditional peoples’ management system of forests and environment, their ideas of preservation and conservation, application of their indigenous knowledge and environmental perceptions to develop a policy package against deforestation and environmental crises. The CCGR has carried out in depth has studies with a band of research scholars from the fields of Social sciences and Natural sciences. Till date certain  primitive tribal communities – Hill Kharia and Mankirdia of Mayurbhanj district, Kuttia Kondhs of Phulbani district, Lanjia Saora, Suddha Saora and Dongaria Kondh of Rayagada district have been studied systematically and now the study is going on amongst Santhals of Mayurbhanj district and Bhunjias of Kalahandi district. The result of the studies on Kuttia  Kondhs of Phulbani District, Lanjia Saoras and Dongaria Kondhs of Rayagada District have been documented and a series of five books have been published by the Publishing House of New Delhi.

We have conducted studies of ‘Folk Art and Culture’ of certain tribal communities – Gadaba, Juanga and Kuttia Kondh. These have been documented in the  form of books.

We have also made an intensive study on Medicinal Plants of Orissa under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Kamala Kumari Patnaik, then Professor of Botany, Ravenshaw College and Prof. Dr. Harihar Patnaik, Ex-Vice Chancellor of Berhampur University, the two noted herbal plant specialists. The study is still continuing in which the medicinal use of certain herbs and their efficacy over respiratory diseases and veneral diseases is emphasized. The first two volumes of the study has been published in Oriya language for the benefit of the people.