Health Management

Enhancing community and personal health is one of the major lookouts of CCGR. Since long it has been providing health care services to the poor masses in Urban and Rural areas through various activities  like organising health camps, eye camps, charitable medicine distribution to the needy The organization operates a health care cell for senior citizens, provides medical consultancy to all kinds of fatal diseases. Special attention is being given to women and child health care in slums.

The CCGR organized a Health & Environment awareness programme in Madanpur Rampur Block of Kalahandi district in 24 villages. Side by side with the ongoing awareness programme, the people were demonstrating various low-cost technological methods for the processing of waste organic matters like cow dung etc. for manure, energy and fuel were organized. Emphasis was laid upon preventive health-care measures for TB, Leprosy, Skin diseases, Gastrointestinal disorders, Parasitic fever, Antenatal & Postnatal care, First Aid etc. The people were also provided informal and participatory education on balanced diet, nutrition deficiency diseases, and (protein energy malnutrition) were provided with vitamin, tablets. The programme was well accepted by the people for which it is in the process of extension to adjoining areas.

The CCGR has already initiated a programme for early detection of cancer under the National Cancer Control Programme in Cuttack district. Steps have already been taken on early cancer detection programmes in several areas which would make a determined bid not only for early detection of cancer but also make people aware of the casual agents and the imminent danger.

Though our activities of various types are to cover the whole state of Orissa, we normally undertake a particular project or activity in a specified area. We expand it to other areas, only after it becomes a success. This has been our motto and practice from the beginning.