Education Programmes

Participating with the National target-Education for all the CCGR has taken up Non-Formal Education Programme for total literacy in Rural areas. The Instructing working for NFE Programme conducted by CCGR as well as the instructor working for other smaller NGOs have been provided training in the Institute.

We have undertaken 50 NFE Centre in Kujang Block of Jagatsinghpur District in 1994-1995. Additional 34 NFE Centres in the year 1996-1997 in the area. Another 60 Centres in Niali Block of Cuttack District in the year 1996-1997.

In 2000-2001 session 3616 students were enrolled, (1775 Boys and 1841 Girls). Successful students were 3001, (1482 Boys and 1519 Girls).
Training of instructors has been done for 20 days in the campus of The Universe in three batches. The community campaign of literacy was organized by the instructors, supervisors and students.

Apart from making the school dropouts literate as well as in the mainstream of our Education system we are teaching them to be aware of environmental protection and plant trees in their courtyard. Each student plants at least five saplings in their courtyards or premises while 133 teachers, 11 supervisors and 2 coordinators plant at least ten saplings.

We had organized 90 Adult Education Centre in Kujant block for the year 1986-87, 1989-90 and 1990-91.Records of which have been devastated in the super-cyclone of 1999.