Our organization has many achievements to its credit. Just to mention few of these achievements, which we strongly believe, have been trend setters and also opened new vista in the socio-cultural chapters of odisha.

  • The organization has pioneered the concept of NGO movement of Odisha.
  • We have conducted around 1900 weekly awareness meetings on every Friday, on different topics of importance, which have been actively participated by people from all walks of life.
  • As an NGO, we took the initiative in organizing international seminars, starting from mid 70s onwards.
  • To strengthen the cultural exchanges with other countries, we have sent many delegations from our state to different countries.
  • Similarly, many foreign scholars have also visited our campus to participate in Seminars or Memorial lectures.
  • Till today, we have to our credit in organizing the biggest children festival in the past.
  • We celebrated the Katak-1000 years in a grand style for which the city has been re-christened as a city of 1000 years.Achievements

Many respected people of our state say “our campus was a world at a glance”, when TV and Internet was a distant dream for the people of the state. Similarly, we have tried our best to put Katak in the international map. This is the uniqueness of our achievement.