About CCGR

The Council of Cultural Growth & Cultural Relations (CCGR), Cuttack was established in 1973 with the efforts and cooperation of several like-minded social workers, scholars and friends. The organization’s overall goal is for development of the weaker and deprived sections of the society. Moreover, it actively participates in the developmental programmes of the Nation, especially in the field of literacy, employment, education and training, human rights etc. as well as the development of women, workers, rural and urban poor, tribals, physically handicapped and socially backward sections of our society. It makes intensive study on various aspects of our cultural heritage.

Our organization has stretched its horizon to multifarious dimensions. Initial stages or early years of the organization were highlighted with importance on cultural growth. The organization with its growth in years has taken steps on the developmental activities like:

  • to actively join the national efforts for a better India;
  • to cover all aspects of life like urban, rural and tribal areas of work for holistic development;
  • to make the world smaller, to see the macrocosm through the microcosm;
  • to shape a better world to live in peace;
  • to undertake all environmental research and awareness programmes for the Urban, Rural and Tribal areas;
  • to utilize the natural resources with the help of appropriate technology, both indigenous and exogenous for better productivity;
  • to do and act for the development of research work and undertake projects as per the need of the hour;
  • to emphasize health programmes in the fields of cancer, diabetes, tuberculosis, sexually transmitted Diseases (STD), AIDS;
  • to do and act for overall improvement of voluntary agencies working in different fields as well as to promote the voluntary spirit of the dynamic youth power;
  • to create a network with other NGOs, Government, Research Institutes and the community for better productivity and socio-economic development of the society;
  • to develop linkage and liaison with other developmental programmes by undertaking experimental and innovative projects;
  • to create a network for development in urban, rural and tribal areas and to take up various research and action programmes covering in the field of literacy;
  • to undertake training programmes like vocational training, social entrepreneurship, alternative source of energy, agriculture technology in both urban and rural areas;
  • to organize different educational programmes like computer and IT education, environment educational programme in rural, tribal and urban slum areas;
  • to create income generating opportunities through cottage industries and animal husbandry which will make people self-reliant;
  • to promote entrepreneurship skills through capacity building in “The Universe Research & Training Center”;
  • to undertake research activities, publications, teaching aids, audio visual aids for educational programmes.
  • to coordinate for better action with the Government for achieving various developmental goals.

Our Vision

To create sustainable employment opportunities for the youths of our society by imparting inquisitive education and training while adopting creative knowledge and modern technology. To create economic renaissance in Odisha by building up social entrepreneurship in rural and urban areas.

Our Mission

To empower the people through education, training and awareness programmes.